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Previous CRDM Research Symposia

Organized by: Andrew Johnston and Adriana de Souza e Silva

Organized by: Andrew Johnston and Adriana de Souza e Silva

Organized by: Fernanda Duarte, Nick Taylor, Charlotte Wilkins, Travis Merchant-Knudsen, Malcolm Ogden, and Lindsey Ray Scheper

Organized by: Andrew Johnston, Aaron Dial, Jeffrey Bruinsma, Matthew Jungsuk Howard, and Bryce Stout

Organized by: Jessica Jameson

2018 | Hybrid Play
Organized by: Adriana de Souza e Silva and Nicholas Taylor

Organized by: Katreena Alder and Kendra Andrews

2016 |  Critical Invention: Media, Engagement, Practice
Organized by Jessica Handloff, Joel Schneier, Jason Buel, Chen Chen, Sarah Evans, and Dr. David Rieder

2015 | Media, Epistemology, and Power
Organized by: Jeremy Packer

2014 | Rethinking Globalization and the Question of Scale: Interdisciplinary Perspectives from the Humanities and Social Sciences
Organized by: James Mulholland, Rebecca Walsh, and Steve Wiley

2011 | Environments, Risks, and Digital Media
Organized by: William Kinsella

2010 | Materializing Communication and Rhetoric: Technologies, Infrastructures, Flows
Organized by: Steve Wiley and Jeremy Packer