2012 Symposium: Publications

Mobility and Locative Media: Mobile communication in hybrid spaces

Adriana de Souza e Silva

Mimi Sheller

Part I: Rethinking Cohesion, Coordination, and Navigation

Mobile phones and digital Gemeinschaft: social cohesion in the era of cars, clocks, and cell phones
Rich Ling

Walking in the hybrid city: from micro-coordination to chance orchestration
Robin Van Den Akker

Direct video observation of the uses of smartphones on the move: reconceptualizing mobile multi-activity
Christian Licoppe and Julien Figeac

Rerouting borders: politics of mobility and the Transborder Immigrant Tool
Fernanda Duarte

Part II: Performing location, place-making, and mobile gaming

Online place attachment: exploring technological ties to physical places
Raz Schwartz

Location as a sense of place: everyday life, mobile and spatial practices in urban spaces
Didem Ōzkul

Performing city transit
Taien Ng-Chan

Location-based gaming apps and the commercialization of locative media
Dale Leorke

Houses in motion: an overview of gamification in the context of mobile interfaces 
Nathan Hulsey

Part III: Mobile cities: mapping, architecture, and planning

Exploring locative media for cultural mapping
Peter Hemmersam, Johnny Aspen, Andrew Morrison, Idunn Sem, and Martin Havnør

Designing for mobile activities: Wifi hotspots, users, and the relational programming of place
Michael R. Doyle

The power of place and perspective: sensory media and situated simulations in urban design
Gunnar Liestøl and Andrew Morrison

The will to connection: a research agenda for the “programmable city” and an ICT “toolbox” for urban planning
Ole B. Jenson

Restless: locative media as generative displacement
Teri Rueb