Financial Aid and GSSP

Fees are around $1000 each term (depending on the number of credit hours a student enrolls). They need to be paid before the semester begins. There is a monthly payment system for fees available (processing fees, around $45, apply). Please check for more details.

While many CRDM students receive funding provided through CRDM, some students are funded from other sources. A few students are on faculty research grants, and others might seek grants and fellowships that support their dissertation work directly.

The Social Science Research Council offers various forms of funding for Ph.D. students who conduct social science research in international contexts. While they place an emphasis on quantitative and ethnographic practices, they also provide funding for other methodologies, including archival work.

If you are interested in seeking grants or fellowships to support dissertation research and/or writing, you should review the online resources provided by NCSU’s Fellowship Advising Office: National Dissertation Grants & Fellowships.

The Fulbright program offers grants for dissertation research. There are several different schemes of Fulbright Program. The Fulbright U.S. Student Program is the most relevant for domestic CRDM students. This program provides funding for student with U.S. citizenship and currently undertaking academic program in one of U.S. institutions. The grants are available for conducting academic research and arts projects in nearly 140 countries.

Applicants design their research projects in consultation with their advisers in their home institution in the U.S as well as with advisers in the overseas host institution.

While primarily focused on graduate students in the sciences, NSF offers a variety of funding opportunities for graduate level research in the humanities and social sciences. This funding might be useful for students who are interested in projects related to science, technology, and society. Note that to apply for a NSF grant, you will need support from the CHASS research office, which will help you navigate the intricacies of federal grant applications.

NSF generally has two annual deadlines: February 1 and August 1 (awards are distributed the following semester). To complete the incredibly demanding process of applying for these grants, you should meet with Dr. Tiffany Kershner of the Fellowship Advising Office as well as your dissertation chair at least 3 months prior to the grant application deadline.