Student Progress Report


Each year, students are evaluated according to their academic achievement, professional development, and teaching/research duties (where applicable). Where appropriate and needed, the Director offers advice for the coming year.

Starting Spring 2016, each student will be responsible for meeting with their advisor and reporting their progress to the DGP.​

  1. In April, the DGP will share individual Google documents to the CRDM students and faculty advisors. 
  2. Students should complete the prompts in the document (milestones, professional development, and assistantship, if applicable) before meeting with their advisor.
  3. Students should then schedule an appointment with their advisors to review their progress for the academic year. For first-year students or students who have not yet identified and advisor, please schedule a meeting with the program director.
  4. During the meeting, the advisor should indicate assessment ratings for each section and provide an overall summary of the student’s performance for the academic year.
  5. Student Annual Assessments should be completed by May 15, by the student and advisor.

  6. The Director will review this data and contact students, when appropriate.


A Plan of Work should be drafted by time the student has completed 18 hours of coursework (for full time students, that means the end of their 2nd semester). Students must consult with their graduate advisor and members of their advisory committee to complete the Plan of Work. The Plan of Work contains the following:

  • A list of advisory committee members,
  • A dissertation topic, and
  • A list of courses the student will take in fulfillment of the program requirements and when they will be taken.

Students will submit the completed Plan of Work in MyPackPortal for review and approval by the CRDM director. Prior to submission, the advisor and student should ensure that the coursework meets all CRDM requirements to fulfill the doctoral degree.

The 56 credit-hours include the following requirements:*

  • 15 hours of core courses
  • 3 hours of research methods (3 may be transferred from MS degree)
  • 12 hours of elective focus
  • 6 hours of professional preparation (3 hours = 809)
  • 20 hours of exams and dissertation


The Graduate School has final approval of the  Plan of Work. If the student has not appointed a Graduate School Representative, then the GSR must be requested at least 2 weeks prior to the scheduled preliminary exam. This can be done when submitting the Preliminary Exam Request Form.   

Students may change a Plan of Work. Any change made to the Plan of Work will require reapproval by the advisor, committee members, DGP, and Graduate School

A signed and completed Plan of Work must be completed and approved by the Graduate School in MyPackPortal before students will be allowed to schedule the preliminary exam.

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