There are 3 basic steps a CRDM student must take to travel for a conference/research presentation:

  1. At the beginning of each Fall term, the program administration will send a survey to all CRDM students to gather information on any potential travel for the year (whether or not they have received confirmation of acceptance). The survey or “Travel Application” should be completed by October 15 each fall term. The Travel Application serves to remind students to plan their conferences, presentations, et cetera early. ALL travel for the academic year (August – May) should appear on the application. If the travel does not appear on this survey, the program will not hold reimbursement funds for the student for the entire academic year.

  2. Students on the Graduate Student Support Plan (GSSP) are considered “employees” and should follow the set employee guidelines by first submitting a Travel Authorization Request (within MyPack Portal) before making any travel plans. An authorization must be completed EACH time you travel on behalf of NC State (whether or not you are requesting reimbursement). This online-submit form will be routed to various approvers within the program and the College’s Business Office. Students not employed by the University must complete the Non-Employee Travel Authorization form (AP-104) prior to traveling. This form may be submitted either as a hard copy or via email, signed /dated by the student, to the Program Associate. It will then be routed to the Director of Graduate Programs for approval.

  3. If you want to request reimbursement, you must file a Travel Reimbursement Request in MyPackPortal within 30 days of your travel ending. Upload receipts that include proof of purchase as evidence for reimbursement. If you have questions regarding travel, please contact the CRDM Program Associate.

In addition to travel funding through CRDM, students are eligible to receive travel funding from the CRDM Student Association (CRDMSA) through our affiliation with NC State’s Student Government. Students are only eligible for the CRDMSA travel reimbursement if they have paid their dues.

At the beginning of each semester, the CRDMSA treasurer will send out an email soliciting requests for travel reimbursements.

To receive funding, you must respond with a line-itemized estimate of your travel costs. These estimates will help the Treasurer draft a budget that will be used to argue for funding from Student Government.

Once funding totals have been received from Student Government, the Treasurer will confirm the amount that CRDMSA will be able to reimburse. Funding is not guaranteed and fluctuates from year to year. 

Once you have returned from the conference, send your travel receipts to the Treasurer. The Treasurer will then issue you a check for the stated amount. 

Please remember that you cannot receive reimbursement for the same item from both CRDM and CRDMSA. For example, if you’ve already received (or requested) reimbursement for registration through CRDM, you cannot also receive reimbursement from CRDMSA.

Especially for conference travel, there are many associations that will ask for student attendees to volunteer in exchange for waiving registration costs and giving a reduction in conference hotel costs. Please contact the conference director to ask about these opportunities. There are also competitive travel grants that are funded through these associations. Please monitor the listserv as well website to watch for announcements. Again, information on travel grant opportunities can be given to you by contacting the conference director.