The timeline is intended to guide students through important deadlines and milestones in the Ph.D. program. In addition to a list of Graduate School deadlines, students will also find suggestions for scheduling coursework and planning for professional development. For details on Graduate School policies, requirements, and forms, see the Graduate Handbook, available on the Graduate School website. The coursework recommendations on the timeline include the required core courses for the CRDM program, as well as electives, which should be chosen in consultation with the advisor. The number of credits to be taken in each semester is based on program requirements as well as the eligibility requirements for the Graduate Student Support Plan (for full-time supported students).

This timeline is necessarily general. Every student’s program will be unique, and this timeline can be adjusted to suit individual circumstances, so long as Graduate School and CRDM program requirements are followed. Students should consult with their graduate advisor about how to adapt this timeline to their own needs and goals.

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