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Director of Graduate Program

The Director of the CRDM Program is recommended by the Program Committee from among its members and is appointed by the Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences to a three-year term. The position alternates between the Department of Communication and the Department of English. The Associate Director is also a member of the Program Committee and is always in the other department. The two work closely together to ensure coordination among departmental interests.

These are the major responsibilities of the Director and Associate Director.

  • Recommendations for course instructors
  • New Program Faculty nominations and approvals
  • Annual Program Faculty meeting
  • New Full Graduate Faculty nominations and recommendations
  • Curriculum and courses
  • Assessment design and data interpretation
  • Elections of new members of committee and recommendation of future director​
  • Proposal for recruiting funds
  • Correspondence with applicants
  • Admission committee meeting
  • Decision correspondence with applicants 
  • Organization of recruiting visit
  • Nominations for university fellowship awards
  • Orientation for new students
  • Appointments
  • Annual performance evaluations
  • Nominations for TA awards
  • GSSP eligibility and exceptions
  • Summer employment opportunities​
  • Departmental teaching budgets for TAs, RAs, and other student work assignments
  • Teaching budget and schedules for faculty teaching CRD courses
  • Teaching assignments for students
  • Space needs
  • Technology needs
  • Course selection, Plans of Work, and advisory committees
  • Online annual student progress reports
  • In-state residency
  • Job search guidance and preparation
  • State appropriated operating budget
  • Overhead account
  • Kenan account (discretionary)
  • Ads in conference programs
  • Website, updating and corrections
  • Flyers, printing and distribution
  • Gather annual data from students and faculty (four instruments)
  • Submit annual report to Graduate School
  • Attend and represent program at CHASS Graduate Studies Committee
  • Attend and represent program at Graduate School meetings for DGPs
  • Schedule course offerings each semester
  • Supervise staff program assistant
  • Teach CRD 809, (1 credit) each fall