NC State Registration

Visit the Registration and Records website for registering for most courses. The program associate will register CRDM students directly in CRDM research hours, such as CRD 893, 885 and 895, and 899. For more information on these courses, see the curriculum page.

Inter-Institutional Registration

NC State students have the option to take classes in one of the inter-institutional registration programs offered at NC State with appropriate approval. The following Universities have the inter-institutional registration program: Duke University, North Carolina Central University, UNC Chapel Hill, UNC Charlotte, and UNC Greensboro. 

  • Students must enroll in at least one course at NC State to be eligible to request inter-institutional enrollment during that term.
  • Inter-institutional enrollment requests are only approved if NC State does not offer the course.
  • Requests should be submitted the semester before you want to enroll. Requests require the approval of the program Director and Associate Dean for academic affairs.
Here are some basic steps to enroll in inter-institutional courses:
  1. Review course offerings at triangle-area universities, such as:
  • Duke University
  • North Carolina Central University
  • UNC- Chapel Hill
  • UNC-Charlotte
  • UNC-Greensboro
  1. When you find a course you would like to take, email the professor to request permission to enroll in the course. You must have written permission.
  2. Discuss your potential schedule with your advisor.
  3. Fill out an inter-institutional enrollment form.
  4. Get your advisor to sign the form and certify that no similar course is being offered at NC State.
  5. Request DGP signature/approval.
  6. Take the form, along with a printed copy of the professor’s email that gives you permission to enroll, to the program associate.If you need to opt out of the course or have other questions, contact the Inter-Institutional coordinator in the Registrar’s office. 

Students requesting enrollment in inter-institutional courses are enrolled by the institution providing the course. Enrollment happens on that institution’s schedule, not NC State’s. You will need to transfer the credits later.

For more information on inter-institutional enrollment, go to the NC State Registration and Records Inter-institutional Program page.

Required Enrollment Hours

Students are considered full time if they:

  • take at least 9 hours per semester or
  • until the semester in which a course load of at least 3 credit hours will reach an accumulated total equal to the minimum number of hours required by their program.

A student will continue to be considered full time until they complete their thesis or dissertation, as long as they enroll for at least 3 credit hours. Since the CRDM PhD program is 74 hours, a student would need to be enrolled full time at 9 hours until the semester in which a load of at least 3 hours will reach the required 74. 

Students who are not on GSSP must be enrolled in at least 1 credit-hour to be considered part of the program because the University requires continuous enrollment, and enrollment in the semester of graduation.