Research Opportunities

The CRDM program aims to prepare students to pose and solve research problems pertaining to the uses and potentialities of new communication media and information technologies, especially as they are applied in emerging contexts in the 21st century. They should also gain experience with a variety of research and analytical methods, both quantitative and qualitative. To meet these goals, the curriculum requires a minimum number of research methods courses, and the student’s dissertation committee will ensure that the student is qualified to carry out independent research.

Beyond the course requirements, students will find research opportunities in programs and initiatives across campus at NC State. Cross-disciplinary initiatives and sponsored research programs offer opportunities of particular interest. The following list includes examples of such programs that CRDM Program Faculty and Affiliated Faculty are involved with.

Directed by Dr. Adriana de Souza e Silva, Dr. David Rieder and Dr. Nick Taylor

PCOST (Public Communication of Science and Technology)
Directed by Dr. David Berube

Directed by  Dr. Walt Wolfram

Directed by Dr. Michael Young

Co-Directed by Michael Young, Computer Science, and Pat FitzGerald, Art and Design

Directed by Adam Rogers and David Woodbury

Directed by Dr. Blair Kelley

Program Manager Forrest Allen 

Directed by Justin Daves