2010 Symposium: Publications

Special Issue of Communication Review on Communication and Mobility, Vol 13, No 4, 2010

"Communication and Mobility"

Rethinking Communication After the Mobilities Turn
Stephen B. Crofts Wiley & Jeremy Packer
Pages: 263-268

Air Mobilities on the U.S.–Caribbean Border: Open Skies and Closed Gates
Mimi Sheller
Pages: 269-288

Status Control: An Admonition Concerning the Publicized Privacy of Social Networking
John M. Sloop & Joshua Gunn
Pages: 289-308

From Windscreen to Widescreen: Screening Technologies and Mobile Communication
Jeremy Packer & Kathleen F. Oswald
Pages: 309-339

Assembling Social Space
Stephen B. Crofts Wiley , Daniel M. Sutko & Tabita Moreno Becerra
Pages: 340-372

Communication Matters: Materialist Approaches to Media, Mobility and Networks

Jeremy Packer

Steve Wiley 

Part I Orientations Media/Materiality

Introduction The Materiality of Communication, Jeremy Packer and Stephen B. Crofts Wiley
Chapter 1. Media, Materiality, and the Human: A Conversation with N. Katherine Hayles, N. Katherine Hayles Chapter 2. Becoming Mollusk: A conversation with John Durham Peters about Media, Materiality, and Matters of History, John Durham

Peters Part II Communication Time/Space

Chapter 3. Ubiquitous Sensibility, Marc Hansen
Chapter 4. It Changes Space and Time! Introducing Power-Chronography, Sarah Sharma
Chapter 5. Zeroing In: Overhead Imagery, Infrastructure Ruins, and Datalands in Afghanistan and Iraq, Lisa Parks Chapter 6. Rhetoric, Materiality, and U.S. Western Front Commemoration, Carole Blair, V. William Balthrop, and Neil Michel
Chapter 7. Materiality and Urban Communication: The Rhetoric of Communicative Spaces, Victoria Gallagher, Kenneth Zagacki, and Kelly Norris Martin
Chapter 8.The Birth of the "Neoliberal" City and its Media, James Hay

Part III Communication Assemblages/Networks

Chapter 9. Beyond Transmission, Modes, and Media, Jennifer Daryl Slack
Chapter 10. Attention and Assemblage in the Clickable World, J. Macgregor Wise
Chapter 11. The Documentality of Mme Briet’s Antelope, Bernd Frohmann
Chapter 12. Assemblages, Networks, Subjects: A Materialist Approach to the Production of Social Space, Stephen B. Crofts Wiley, Tabita Moreno, and Daniel M. Sutko
Chapter 13. Vitalism, Animality, and the Material Grounds of Rhetoric, Byron Hawk
Chapter 14. 8 Mile: Networked Decision Making, Jeff Rice
Chapter 15. Lessons form the YMCA: The Material Rhetoric of Criticism, Rhetorical Interpretation and Pastoral Power, Ronald Walter Greene Part IV Communication Mobility/Immobility
Chapter 16. Materializing US-Caribbean Borders: Airports as Technologies of Communication, Coordination and Control, Mimi Sheller
Chapter 17. Publicized Privacy: Social Networking and the Compulsive Search for Limits, Joshua Gunn and John Sloop
Chapter 18. Virtual Mobility: The Sign/Body of Pure Information, Ken Hillis
Chapter 19. Location-aware technologies: Control and privacy in hybrid spaces, Adriana de Souza e Silva and Jordan Frith
Chapter 20. Flow and Mobile Media: Broadcast Fixity to Digital Fluidity, Kathleen Oswald and Jeremy Packer