2013 Symposium: Publications

Emerging Genres in New Media Environments

Carolyn Miller 

Ashley R. Kelly

“Where do Genres Come From?”

Carolyn R. Miller

Part I: Medium
Bridge to Genre: Spanning Technological Change
Janet Giltrow

Remediating Diagnosis: A Familiar Narrative Form or Emerging Digital Genre?
Lora Arduser

Russian New Media Users’ Reaction to a Meteor Explosion in Chelyabinsk: Twitter Versus Youtube
Natalia Rulyova

Resisting the “Natural”: Rhetorical Delivery and the Natural User Interface
Ben McCorkle

Expansive Genres of Play: Getting Serious About Game Genres for the Design of Future Learning Environments
Brad Mehlenbacher and Christopher Kampe

Part II: Genre Transformation
From Printed Newspaper to Digital Newspaper: What Has Changed?
Jaqueline Barreto Lé
Cross-Culturally Narrating Risks, Imagination, and Realities of HIV/AIDS
Huiling Ding

Source as a Paratext: Videogame Adaptations and the Question of Fidelity
Neil Randall

Atypical Rhetorical Actions: Defying Genre Expectations on Amazon.com
Christopher Basgier
Part III: Values
Autopathographies in New Media Environments at the Turn of the 21st Century
Tamar Tembeck 

Sentimentalism in Online Deliberation: Assessing the Generic Liability of Immigration Discourses
E. Johanna Hartelius

Collected Debris of Public Memory: Commemorative Genres and the Mediation of the Past 
Victoria Gallegher and Jason Kalin

Hard Ephemera: Textual Tactility and the Design of the Post-Digital Narrative in Chris Ware’s “Colorful Keepsake Box” and Other Non-Objects​​​​​​​
Colbey Emmerson Reid

Genre Emergence and Disappearance in Feminist Histories of Rhetoric
Risa Applegrath

Postscript: Futures for Genre Studies

Ashely Rose Kelly