CRDM Research Symposia

CRDM hosts an annual symposium and brings in speakers and scholars from across North America to discuss their research on a given theme. The symposium is open to the public for participation. Take a look at this year’s research symposium! ​

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2018 Symposium: Hybrid Play

March 26-27, 2018 | Talley Student Union

The 2018 CRDM symposium explores hybrid play/art as an interdisciplinary activity. It aims not only at discussing hybrid play/art from a theoretical perspective but also engaging participants in developing playful and artistic activities.  This coming year the symposium will host a few invited speakers, top scholars in the fields of hybrid reality and mobile games, locative media, and game studies, to share their thoughts and experience with CRDM students and faculty, engage in mentoring students, and interesting conversations about the current and future of hybrid play.

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