Picture of Steven Smith

Steven Smith

Communication, Rhetoric and Digital Media


Steven Smith is a second year student in North Carolina State University's Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media department. He graduated with a Master of Arts in English from Marshall University, where his primary interests were in critical cultural theory and posthumanism; a chapter of his thesis, titled "Animal Agribusiness and the Pre/Posthuman Condition" was published in the International Journal of the Humanities: Annual Review (Winter 2016). He has also published in the British Fantasy Society (Spring 2017)and has a forthcoming publication in Animation Journal (Summer 2017). 


Animal Agribusiness and the Pre/Posthuman Condition 
     New Directions in the Humanities
     University of Illinois Research Park; Chicago, IL
     June 2016

The Feudalist Society of Ant Island
     West Virginia Association of College English Teachers
     West Liberty University; Wheeling, WV
     April 2015

On Obtaining Ecological Justice
     The Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture Since 1900
     University of Louisville; Louisville, WV
     February 2015