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Ragan Leann Glover-Rijkse

Communication, Rhetoric and Digital Media


Ragan Glover-Rijkse’s research interests lie at the intersections of networked infrastructures, mobilities, and mobile media. She is particularly interested in how geographical proximity to networked infrastructures impacts experiences of networked time and space as well as how mobile technologies mediate experiences and mobilities of/in/through space and place. She has attended to these intersections in a variety of ways, considering such objects of study  as rural communities, mobile games, Bluetooth beacons, RFID chips, and content delivery networks.

Ragan's dissertation will focus on edge computing -- a paradigm shift in computation, which moves computational processing and storage away from cloud infrastructures and onto/close to users' devices. In particular, this dissertation explores how edge computing will shape experiences of networked time and space as well as the ways in which we collect, process, and store information.

​Ragan currently teaches Science, Technology, and Human Values. She has previously taught several courses in the Communication Department at NCSU: Mobile Communication, Media Theory & History, and Electronic Media Writing: Theory/Practice. 


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  • M.A. in English: Composition and Rhetoric from University of South Carolina , 2015
  • B.A. in English from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2013