Picture of Mai Nou Xiong

Mai Nou Xiong

Communication, Rhetoric and Digital Media


I study communication, rhetoric, and digital media, including topics related to migration and mobilities. My teaching areas are in technical communications, rhetoric and criticism, culture and technology, mobile communications, internet studies, and civic media. 


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles:

  1. de Souza e Silva, Adriana & Xiong, Mai Nou. (forthcoming, 2020). Mobile networked creativity: Developing a theoretical framework for understanding creativity as survival. Communication Theory, 30(3).
  2. Sackey, Donnie, Boyle, Casey, Xiong, Mai Nou, Arola, Kristin, Rios, Gabriela, & Barnett, Scot. (2019). Perspectives on Cultural and Posthumanist Rhetorics. Rhetoric Review, 38(4), 375-401.
  3. Gollihue, Krystin & Xiong, Mai Nou. (2019). Dataweaving: Textiles as data materialization [Interactive Web-text]. Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology and Pedagogy, 23(4).

Conference Proceedings:

  1. Xiong, Mai Nou. (2019). Place as interface, sensory-data, and phronesis. The Proceedings of the Annual Computers and Writing Conference 2018, 2(1), 65-74.

Book Reviews:

  1. Xiong, Mai Nou. (2020). Review of Mobile Communication and low-skilled migrants’ acculturation to cosmopolitan Singapore by Rajiv George Aricat & Rich Ling. International Journal of Communication, 14.

Media Projects:

  1. Roberts, Laura, Xiong, Mai Nou, & Halm, Matt. (2019). Continuing the Conversation of Rhetoric’s Keywords [Video]. Available from, https://vimeo.com/329912679.


International Conferences:

  1. de Souza e Silva, Adriana & Xiong, Mai Nou. (2020, June). Mobile Networked Creativity: Understanding creativity as open communication. In, Top Papers Session, Mobile Communication Interest Group. International Communication Association, Gold Coast, Australia.
  2. Xiong, Mai Nou. (2018, Oct.). Syrian Refugees and the entanglements of smartphones. In, Mobile Technology and Access: Four Material Approaches that Re-Contextualize the Digital Divide. Association of Internet Researchers, Montreal, Canada.

National Conferences:

  1. Xiong, Mai Nou. (2020, May.). (Chair). A mobile life with rhetoric: Creative Appropriations and the art of mobility. In, “Stranger Things: On rhetoric, mobility, and stoppage,” a research paper accepted for presentation at the 19th Biennial Rhetoric Society of America Conference, Portland, OR, May 2020. Conference subsequently canceled due to COVID–19 pandemic.
  2. Xiong, Mai Nou. (2020, May.). (Chair). Mobile memory in the refugee camp. In, “Movement and memory from the non-places: Three approaches to understanding the peculiarity of archives,” a research paper accepted for presentation at the 19th Biennial Rhetoric Society of America Conference, Portland, OR, May 2020. Conference subsequently canceled due to COVID–19 pandemic.
  3. Amidon, Timothy, John Gallagher, Danielle Nicole DeVoss, Mai Nou Xiong, Krystin Gollihue, Laura Gonzales & Heather Noel Turner. (2020, May). In, "Dataviz in Writing Studies, Part 2: Mistakes, Machines, Firefighting, Training, and Translation," a research paper accepted for presentation at the Computers and Writing ​​​​​​​Conference, Greenville, NC, May 2020. Conference subsequently canceled due to COVID–19 pandemic.
  4. Roberts, Laura & Xiong, Mai Nou. (2019, March). Digital Rhetoric as a Pedagogy for Emerging Technical Writing Practices. Poster Session. Association of Teachers of Technical Writing, Pittsburg, PA.
  5. Xiong, Mai Nou. (2018, Nov.). Media use in the authoring of territory: Refugees and the rhetoric of borders. In, Labors of Belonging: Intersectional Perspectives on Making Space in Cultural Rhetorics. Cultural Rhetorics Conference, Lansing, MI.
  6. Xiong, Mai Nou. (2018, Jun.). Posthuman Approaches to the Plain of Jars' History, Secrets Matter. In, I-05 Perspectives on Cultural Rhetorics & Posthumanism. Rhetoric Society of America, Minneapolis, MN.
  7. Xiong, Mai Nou. (2018, May). Place as interface: Accessing Digital Phronesis. In, Place/Interface: Situating Space as Ways of Knowing, Accessing, and Remembering. Computers and Writing, Fairfax, VA.
  8. Gollihue, Krystin & Xiong, Mai Nou. (2017, Oct.). Craft as data: An interactive workshop on feminist data. In, Researching the Revolution: An Interactive Workshop on Feminist Data Collection & Analysis. Feminist Rhetorics, Dayton, OH.

Regional Conferences:

  1. Xiong, Mai Nou. (2018, Feb.). Alternative publics and marginality: Considering Syrian refugee digital practices and publics. In, Marginalization and Exclusion in Media. Carolina Rhetorics Conference, Clemson, SC.
  2. Xiong, Mai Nou & Roberts, Laura. (2017, Apr.). A conversation on digital civic genres and their role in forming new publics. RSA Chapter Conference, Raleigh, NC.

Graduate Conferences:

  1. Xiong, Mai Nou (2012, Mar.). History, violence, and social justice in Natasha Trethewey’s Native Guard. WCU Graduate Research Symposium, Cullowhee, NC.
  2. Xiong, Mai Nou (2012, Mar.). I am being asked to issue an apology?: Forgiveness in J.M. Coetzee’s Disgrace, WCU Graduate Research Symposium, Cullowhee, NC.
  3. Javens, J., & Willover, B., Xiong, Mai Nou. (2011, Mar.). On archival work and editorial choices: Exploring the ethics of scholarship and research. WCU Graduate Research Symposium, Cullowhee, NC.

Professional Development Workshops: 

  1. Migration, Mobility, and Rhetoric (2019, Jun.). Rhetoric Society of America Summer Institute, Baltimore, MD.
  2. Preparing for the Professoriate (2018-19). NC State University Graduate School. Raleigh, NC.
  3. A learning expedition through Montreal’s thirdspaces: Technology, materiality, and sense of place in knowledge production and sharing (2018, Oct.). Association of Internet Researchers Pre-conference Workshops, Montreal, Canada.
  4. Scholar-Student Session with Christian Licoppe, from Institut Mines-Télécom, Paris (2018, Mar.) Hybrid Play: CRDM Research Symposium, Raleigh, NC.


Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media, Ph.D. 
English, MA
Political Science, BA; French, BA; Minor in Women's Studies