Picture of Kristina Wilma Frances Bell

Kristina Wilma Frances Bell

Communication, Rhetoric and Digital Media


Kristina Bell has been a part-time student in the CRDM program since 2011 and is currently ABD. She is a full-time instructor at High Point University and teaches courses in digital media production and studies within the School of Communication. Her research typically uses critical and interpretive methods to explore issues pertaining to intersectionality in digital media and pop culture. She is particularly passionate about projects that give voice to groups of people muted by various media industries. 

Her dissertation, titled “Growing up in a world like this”: Interpretations and performances of intersectional parenthood in The Walking Dead, is a multi-layered qualitative examination of the communicative practices created, maintained, and co-constructed within and through Telltale’s The Walking Dead (2012), a graphic adventure game with a compelling choice-based narrative and non-stereotypical characters that transform in response to the player’s difficult, often ethically ambiguous choices. This examination involves post-structuralist feminist and intersectionalist analyses of gameplay through gameplay, the online subculture surrounding the game, the narrative, aesthetic, and mechanics found within the game, and the culture surrounding the larger gaming industry. 


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