Picture of  Christopher Cummings

Christopher Cummings

Communication, Rhetoric and Digital Media, 2013


Dr. Cummings currently serves as an Assistant Professor of Strategic Communication at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. His research crosses several domains including science, health, environmental, and risk communication (ComSHER), public understanding of science, communication campaign design and evaluation, and anticipatory governance of emerging technologies. Dr. Cummings directs the International Strategic Management Program (ISCM) at the university, where he works closely with national governments and local groups to improve risk and health communication. Recent projects have included working with the Colombo Municipal Council in Sri Lanka to diminish the incidence of Dengue Fever, and working with Māori and Pacific Islander groups on the North Island of New Zealand to combat childhood obesity. Dr. Cummings investigates how experts and members of the public come to make sense of uncertain and complex risk and health issues while unpacking how different forms of communication play critical roles in influencing decision-making processes. He sits on the editorial board for the journal Environmental Systems and Decisions and he has led multiple grant projects with NTU, the National Science Foundation in the United States, and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.