Previous Administrators


Associate Professor of Communication

Associate Director:  Dr. David Reider
Interim Director (Fall 2016)
Associate Professor of English

Interim Associate Director (Fall 2016):  Dr. Sarah Stein
Associate Professor of Communication


Director: Dr. Jason Swarts
Professor of English 

Associate Director: Dr. Melissa Johnson (2011-2013)
Professor of Communication

Interim Assistant Director: Dr. Adriana de Souza e Silva (2011)
Associate Director (2013-2014)
Associate Professor Of Communication


Director: Dr. Jeremy Packer (2008-2009)
Associate Professor of Communication, Culture, Information and Technology at the University of Toronto at Mississauga

Director: Dr. Steve Wiley (2009-2011)
Associate Professor of Communication

Associate Director: Dr. Jason Swarts (2008-2011)
Professor of English


Founding director of NC State‚Äôs PhD in CRDM; retired SAS Institute Distinguished Professor of Rhetoric and Technical Communication 

Interim Director: Dr. Chris Anson (2005-2006)
Distinguished University Professor, Professor of English and Director of the Campus Writing and Speaking Program

Associate Director: Dr. Victoria Gallagher
Professor of Communication