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Dr. David M. RiederPicture of David M Rieder

Director Picture of David M Rieder

BIOGRAPHY -  David Rieder's research is at the intersections of digital media theory, digital rhetoric/writing, physical computing, and digital humanities. Recent publications, including some of his digital works, can be found in Kairos, Computers and Composition Online, Hyperrhiz, Present Tense, Itineration, and Enculturation. His book, Suasive Iterations: Rhetoric, Writing, and Physical Computing, was published by Parlor Press for their New Media Theory series in 2017.

Dr. Grant BollmerImage result for grant bollmer nc state

Associate Director

BIOGRAPHY - Grant Bollmer studies the history and theory of digital media. He is the author of two books, Inhuman Networks: Social Media and the Archaeology of Connection (Bloomsbury, 2016), which examines the history of connectivity in Western culture as it crosses the development of technological, biological, financial, and social networks, and Theorizing Digital Cultures (SAGE, 2018), which provides a model for the study of digital media that synthesizes British and German approaches to media and culture.

He is currently completing research for three different projects. The first focuses around the book Materialist Media Theory, which attempts to update and revise the claims of Marshall McLuhan and Harold Innis in relation to a variety of recent theoretical innovations, especially New and Feminist Materialisms. The second, Aesthetics of Empathy, is on the history of empathy and its emergence from German aesthetic theory in the late 1800s, and how this history persists in the contemprary aesthetics of social media, videogames, and virtual reality. The third, Digital Afterlives, is a collaboration with art historian Katherine Guinness that examines how a number of contemporary artists, including Cécile B. Evans, Korakrit Arunanondchai, Ian Cheng, and Rachel Maclean, represent and critique issues of digital media, death, spirituality, and ecology.

Grant is also an Honorary Associate of the Digital Cultures Program of the Department of Media and Communications, University of Sydney.

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