Dr. David M Rieder



David M Rieder is Associate Professor of English, Assoc. Dir. of the Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media PhD program (CRDM), and Co-Director of Circuit Research Studio at NC State University. His research is at the intersections of digital media theory, digital rhetoric/writing, physical computing, and digital humanities. Recent publications and some of his digital works can be found in Kairos, Computers and Composition Online, Hyperrhiz, Present Tense, Itineration, and Enculturation. Three recent digital works were in exhibitions at Raleigh’s Contemporary Art Museum (CAM), in 2012 and 2014; others have been on display at national and regional conferences. His forthcoming book with Parlor Press is titled Suasive Iterations: Rhetoric, Writing, and Physical Computing.

Dr. Nicholas Taylor

Associate Director


Nicholas Taylor is Assistant Professor of Digital Media, Assoc. Dir. of the Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media PhD program (CRDM).  His research interests broadly concern the role of digital gaming and play in our everyday lives, and the new and re-mediated forms of communication, sociality, work and labor that coalesce around digital games. Theoretically, his work integrates critical perspectives on gender, ethnicity and embodiment; notions of video game play as "actor networks", as informed by Science and Technology Studies (STS) and cyberfeminism; concerns around the political economies of game-based surveillance and labor; and attention to the the material and embodied aspects of digital play.  Dr. Taylor’s work also engages questions of research ethics, education and subjectivity, as they are transformed through video game production and play.  He is currently conducting an exploratory study of masculinity, ethnicity and identity among e-Sports competitors. In collaboration with researchers from Simon Fraser University and York University, he continues to develop analyses of communicative behavior in and around online role-playing games, using data from the VERUS project.

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