Art Gallery

Saturday: 10:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Sunday: 10:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Sentient Room
Brent Simoneaux, Fernanda Duarte & Samara Mouvery
Affiliation: North Carolina State University, USA
Description: Sentient Room is an interactive installation that features the private space of a therapist's office in conjunction with public flows of online self disclosure. Each piece of furniture in the room has been equipped with sensors and given its own Twitter account. When sensors are activated, the sentient furniture sends out new tweets (added to the hashtag #sentientroom), which are then projected in the room. This project draws from the tension between mobility and immobility and ways in which self-containment and self-disclosure come together as we define the physical, architectural space as one that can be understood as private and the global space of flows as public.


They Know You So You Might As Well Know Them: An Introduction to Their Internet
Jesus Duran
Affiliation: University of Illinois--Chicago, USA
Description: They Know You So You Might As Well Know Them: An Introduction to Their Internet
An interactive installation deconstructing the act of "visiting" a website. Hidden within the hyper shortened duration of viewing a web page is a reality that spans diverse physical geography, corporations and privacy policies all contributing towards a new virtual self.

Cell Tagging: Raleigh
Brooke Knight
Affiliation: Emerson College, USA
Description: Cell Tagging: Raleigh is an interactive artwork employing locative technologies and augmented reality. Using a web-based smartphone app, viewers/users/interactors draw a picture with their fingers on their touchscreens, then post that drawing. Once uploaded, anyone using the Layar browser can see that drawing at the location where it was posted. For example, a person could go to the Occupy Raleigh location, draw a peace sign using the app on their phones, then post it and view it with their Layar browser. Others using the browser who walked by the location would also be able to see it. In this way, Cell Tagging: Raleigh becomes an ephemeral, polyvalent graffiti, layering meaning on locations around Raleigh.

Black Box
Benjamin Thorp
Affiliation: University of Kentucky, USA
Description: Black Box is shipped next day delivery from artist (Benjamin Thorp, Chicago residence) to conference (Local and Mobile 2012, Raleigh). The interior of the box is designed to hold the necessary equipment to record and playback the sounds between origin and destination. Once the package reached the conference, the box is opened, the recording stopped and the playback (sounds of transit) begin. This work presents evidence of the transitory spaces of the making, the packing, the shipping, and the display in the white cube gallery - blurring the distinction between process and object focuses the attention on the periphery aspects of art and life.

River Flow, Sewer Flow, Street Flow
Sam Thulin
Affiliation: Concordia University, Canada
Description: River Flow, Sewer Flow, Street Flow is a sound exploration of a now-buried Montreal creek, the sewer that takes its place, and the streets above. Presented here is the ‘music-route’ component of the project, a musical composition intended to be listened to while traveling a specific path and created entirely from field-recordings of Old Montreal, the sewer system, and rivers in Quebec. The piece is available both as an mp3 download and as an interactive ‘scene’ that can be played on the RjDj mobile app.