Brent Simoneaux holds a B.A. in English (2006) and an M.A. in Composition & Rhetoric (2011). His areas of expertise include technical and professional communication, editing and project development, and user-experience methodologies for technical communication. While at NC State, he assisted the director of the First-Year Writing program with day-to-day operations of the university-wide program that serviced more than 40 teachers and 800 students. Other responsibilities included the design, development, implementation, and management of a program assessment pilot and usability research. Brent also has experience with freelance writing, editing and project development for corporate clients such as Bedford-St. Martin Publishing and NC State University.

Brent currently works as a writer and editor for the multinational software company, Red Hat. His experience in public speaking, giving feedback to writers, communicating complex ideas in a simple way, and managing long-term projects made him an ideal fit for the job. He also utilizes his research skills in various projects, such as one in particular aiming to allow the company to better understand users’ experience on The data gleaned from this project will help writers and marketers make better-informed decisions about the website’s content.