Teaching Assignments

Guidelines for Choosing TA Assignments:

  1. Every Fall, the program will send out a survey asking students to fill in their teaching preferences, and teaching qualifications. The results of this survey will be taken into consideration when assigning classes.
  2. The Director and Associate Director will ask Departments Heads and Directors of COM 110 and ENG 101 for how many sections they will need CRDM students to teach (not all sections are staffed by CRDM students).
  3. The Director and Associate Director will assign students based on department need first. Then the program will make assignments as requested if possible.
  4. The Director and Associate Director will define which students have already been assigned from external grants or other funded positions (these positions must be reported to the program prior to August 15th for Spring appointments and prior to January 15th for Fall appointments)..
  5. The Director will ask which students are enrolled in the Preparing for the Professoriate program.
  6. Scheduling:
    1. Remaining students will be assigned as follows:
      1. faculty research support (must be first approved by Department Heads)
      2. administrative appointments (e.g. CWSP, etc.)
    1. After completing the assignments, the Director and Associate Director communicate the appointments to the students.
    2. Departments will schedule times and days for classes and communicate to the students.
    3. After confirmation from the Departments, Program Associate will send emails to each student to confirm their appointments.