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Students enter the CRDM program with a variety of intellectual interests, academic backgrounds, and employment experiences. The information below has been provided by the students themselves. Those who have included an email address are willing to respond to inquiries from prospective applicants to the program.

Additionally, the CRDM student blog provides updates on conferences, publications, exams and dissertations, and other activities our students engage in as they progress toward graduation.


Melissa Adams
M.S. Communication, North Carolina State University, 2013
B.A. English, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 1992
Teaching Assignments:
  • Com 110 Public Speaking
  • Com 456 Organizational Communication
  • Com 493 Advanced Topics in Public Relations (Social Media in PR)
Home Town:
Durham, NC
  • Adams, M. (2014). Television in the age of radio: Modernity, imagination, and the making of a medium (book review). Journal of Communication, 64(6). doi:10.1111/jcom.12132
Kristina Bell
M.A. in Communication Studies, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, NC
B.F.A. in Film Editing and Sound, University of North Carolina School of the Arts, School of Filmmaking
Home Town:
Winston-Salem, NC
  • Stein, S., Bell, K., & Hurley, R. (2014, May). News coverage of sexual assault and rape in the US military: From Tailhook to The Invisible War. Presented at the International Communication Association Conference, Seattle, WA.
  • Johnson-Young, E. A. & Bell, K. (2014, May). #rape, #slut, #whore : A Mixed methods approach to examining hypermasculine hostile digital environments. Presented at the Gender, Bodies, and Technology Conference, Blacksburg, VA.
  • Bell, K., Taylor, N., & Kampe, C. (2014, April). Masculinity, morality and mortality in The Walking Dead. Presented at Console-ing Passions, Columbia, MO.
  • Stein, S. & Bell, K. (2014, March). News coverage of sexual assault and rape in the US military: From Tailhook to The Invisible War. Presented at the Gender and Conflict Workshop, High Point, NC.
  • Taylor, N., Kampe, C., & Bell, K. (2014, May). ‘Performing the inhuman’: Playing the Walking Dead. Presented at the Gender, Bodies, and Technology Conference, Blacksburg, VA.
Glenda Burch
Glenda Burch
M.S. Technical Communication, North Carolina State University
B.A. RTVMP and Psychology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • First commentary on "XML and the new design regime". ACM Journal of Computer Documentation 26(2): 43-44 (2002)
Larissa Carneiro
M.A. Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais, 2009
B.A. Communication, Journalism, FUMEC, 2004
Teaching Assignments:
  • COM 392 - Intercultural and International Communication
  • COM 346 - Case Studies in Public Relations
Research Assistantship:
Research Assistant for the Campus Writing & Speaking Program.
Home Town:
Minas Gerais, Brazil.
  • Carneiro, L. (2014). E-meter: The 20th Century Technology for Spiritual Enlightenment. IMRC 2014 Conference. Canterbury, England.
  • Johnson, M. & Carneiro, L (2014). Communicating Visual Identities on Ethnic Museum Websites. Visual Communication (in press)
  • Carneiro, L. & Johnson, M. (2014).Quantitative and Qualitative Visual Content Analysis in the Study of Websites. In SAGE Research Methods Cases. London, United Kingdom: SAGE Publications, Ltd. doi:
  • Carneiro, L. (2014). The Implication of Technology in Mediatization and Mediation Approaches to Religious Studies. Presented at the University of Heidelberg as an invited lecturer.
  • Carneiro, L. (2014). Online Confession: Self-Management and the Categorization of Sin. Media and Religion: The Global View. University of Boulder, Colorado.
  • Jason Swarts (chair)
  • Jason Bivins (member)
  • Victoria Gallagher (member)
  • Wllian Kinsella (member)
Stephen Carradini
Technical and Professional Communication, Auburn University, 2013
Journalism - Professional Writing, University of Oklahoma, 2009
Teaching Assignments:
  • ENG 101
Home Town:
Tulsa, OK
  • Carradini, S. (2013, February). "The silencing of the Internet buzz band.” Paper presented at Southwest/Texas Popular Culture and American Culture Association Conference, Albuquerque, NM.
  • Carradini, S. (2012, November). "Means nothing to some: A history of the rhetorical war over ‘indie rock.’” Paper presented at Mid-Atlantic Popular and American Culture Association Conference, Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Carradini, S. (2012, February). "See these bones: A framework for rhetorical analysis of music criticism." Paper presented at Southwest Texas Popular Culture and American Culture Association Conference, Albuquerque, NM.
Chen Chen
M.S. in Professional Writing, Towson University, 2013
B.A. in French, Communication University of China, 2009
Teaching Assignments:
  • ENG101 - Academic Writing and Research
Home Town:
Tianjin, China
  • Chen, C. (2014, March). Smart Phone Applications: A New Pedagogical Tool in Writing Courses. Paper presented at the Conference on College Composition and Communication, Indianapolis, IN.
  • Chen. C. & Johnson, Q. Smart Phone Apps: A New Pedagogical Tool in Writing Courses: Proceedings from 78th Annual International Convention of Association for Business Communication. New Orleans, LA, 2013.
  • Chen. C. (2013, March). Processing a Path through the “Jungle” of Words and Ideas. Paper presented at College English Association Mid-Atlantic Group.
Fernanda Duarte
M.S. Social Communication, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil, 2007
B.A. Communication/Advertising, Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Minas Gerais, Brazil, 2003
Teaching Assignments:
  • COM 447 - Mobile Technologies and Cultures
Research Assistantship:
Graduate Research Assistant to Adriana de Souza e Silva 2012-
Home Town:
Belo Horizonte, Brazil
  • DUARTE, F., MOUVERY, S., and SIMONEAUX, B. (2012, May). Recreating bpNichol's "First Screenings." Interactive installation at Computer and Writing Conference, Raleigh, NC.
  • DUARTE, F. (2012). Rerouting borders: Subversive uses of Location Based Media. 3rd International Joint Conference of the Pan-American Mobilities Network and the Cosmobilities Network. Raleigh, NC.
  • DUARTE, F., MOUVERY, S., and SIMONEAUX, B. (2012, March). Sentient Room. Interactive installation at 3rd Joint International Conference of the Pan American Mobilities Network and the Cosmobilities Network, Raleigh, NC.
  • DUARTE, F. (2011). Mobility + Art. The Transborder Immigrant Tool. Transfers, 1, (3), 113-118(6).
  • DUARTE, F. (2011). Echoing voices in avant garde claims. Carolina Rhetoric Conference. Columbia, South Carolina.
  • Adriana de Souza e Silva (Chair)
  • David Rieder
  • Jeremy Packer
  • Steve Wiley
Sarah Evans
M.A. Communication and Rhetorical Studies, Syracuse University, 2014
B.A. English Literature, Communication minor, University of Scranton, 2012
Teaching Assignments:
  • CRS 325- Public Speaking (Syracuse University)
Research Assistantship:
Fall 2014-Summer 2015, PI: Drs. Nick Taylor and Liz Craig

August 2013- May 2014, QED: A Journal in GLBTQ Worldmaking, Work with Editors Drs. Charles Morris III (Syracuse University) and Thomas K. Nakayama (Northeastern University), Researched content and sought contributors for 2014 “Queer Gaming” special issue.

February 2013-March 2014, VISIOS: Visual Interaction in Online Settings, PI: Drs. Jennifer Stromer-Galley (Syracuse University) and Rosa Mikael Martey (Colorado State University), Study examining the impact of visual settings in virtual worlds on interpersonal interaction.
Home Town:
Swiftwater, Pennsylvania
  • Evans, S. (2014, October 8-11). An Argument for Argumentation in Games. Play session facilitated/presented at North American Simulation and Gaming Association Conference, Baltimore, Maryland.
  • Evans, S. (2014, May 22-26). Death as a Way of Life: The Polysemy of Failure in Online Games. Paper presented at Rhetoric Society of America National Conference. San Antonio, Texas.
  • Evans, S. (2014, May 21-22). Witnessing in Half the Sky Movement the Game. Paper presented at International Communication Association Pre-Conference: Beyond the Pixels: A Look at Digital Games. University of Washington, Seattle.
  • Osur, L. and Evans, S. (2014, April 16-19). Defiance: An Experiment in Transmedia Storytelling. Paper presented at Pop Culture Association/American Culture Association National Conference. Chicago, Illinois.
  • Evans, S. (2013, Nov. 21-24). 'Clementine Will Remember That’: Witnessing in Telltale’s The Walking Dead Game. Paper presented at National Communication Association Convention Washington, D.C.
Karl Feld
M.A. German and European Studies, School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University, 1993
B.A. in Politics & Government, Philosophy and German, Ripon College, 1991
Home Town:
Libertyville, IL
  • Feld, K.G. (2013). Evaluating Sustainability for The Rotary Foundation: Doing More Research better, With Less. Presentation for the 2013 Annual Conference of the Southern Association for Public opinion Research
  • Feld, K. G. (2012). Do You Know Where Your Data Come From? Successful Offshore Data Collection Management. Planung & Analyse; Zeitschrift fuer Marktforschung u. Marketing. No. 2., 37.
  • Feld, K. (2012, February 23). Conducting Surveys In Developing Countries. Short Course for The Odum Institute, University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill.
  • Feld, K. G. and D. Peng (2011). Quality Control in Survey Research Today. Survey Practice. April,
  • Feld, K. G., B. Shanks, K. Tillmann and J. Willingham. (2011). An Examination of Internet Users in Iraq. Alert! Vol. 51, No.2.
Chelsea Hampton
MA Communication, Villanova University, 2012
BA English, Messiah College, 2007
Teaching Assignments:
  • COM 110 - Public Speaking
  • COM 362 - Gender and Communication
  • COM 257 - Media History and Theory
Home Town:
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Jessica Handloff
MA in Anthropology, East Carolina University, 2013
BS in Biology with an Emphasis in Biotechnology, Webster University, 2007
Teaching Assignments:
  • COM 267 - Electronic Media Writing
  • COM 110 - Intro to Public Speaking
Home Town:
Gardner, KS
  • Avenarius, C. B., & Handloff, J. R. (2014). Engaging Local Community Members to Improve Residential Storm Water Management in Nags Head, North Carolina. Journal of High Education Outreach and Engagement, 18(3), 155-158.
  • Avenarius, C. & Handloff, J. (2013, October). Engaging Local Community Members to Improve Residential Storm Water Management in Nags Head, North Carolina. Poster session presented at the meeting of the Engagement Scholarship Consortium, Lubbock, TX.
  • Handloff, J. (2013). Exploring cultural influences and moral experiences behind mental illness stigma in the U.S. Army (Master’s Thesis). Proquest UMI. (UMI No. 1544984)
Molly Hartzog Storment
M.A. in English with emphasis in Rhetoric and Composition, North Carolina State University (2012)
B.A. in English Language and Literature, Mississippi State University (2009)
Research Assistantship:
IGERT Fellow, Genetic Engineering and Society
Home Town:
Jackson, Mississippi
  • “The Google Books Debate and its Implications on Teaching and Scholarship.” Computers and Writing, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, May 17-20, 2012.
  • “The Google Books Debate and its Implications on Teaching and Scholarship.” Computers and Writing, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, May 17-20, 2012.
  • “Scapegoating, Mortification, Tools, and Prosthetics in Christopher McCandless's and Aron Ralston's Battles in the Wilderness.” 5th Annual Cultural Studies Graduate Student Conference, George Mason University, September 22-23, 2011.
  • “Spatializing Composition: An Argument for the Use of Drawing Tools as an Aid to Invention.” 6th Annual Graduate Student Research Symposium, North Carolina State University, March 21, 2011.
Adele Hite
MPH in Nutrition, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2011; MAT English Education, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1995
Teaching Assignments:
  • COM 110 - Introduction to Public Speaking
  • COM 211 - Argumentation and Advocacy
Home Town:
Durham, NC
  • Broad, G. and Hite A. (2014). Nutrition Troubles. Gastronomica, 14(3), 5-16.
  • Hayes-Conroy, J., Hite, A., Klein, K., Biltekoff, C., and Kimura, A. (2014). Doing Nutrition Differently. Gastronomica, 14(3), 56-66.
  • Hite, A. (2014, August). One Size Does Not Fit All: Race, Gender, Age and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Presented at Critical Dietetics Conference, Chicago, IL.
  • Hite, A. (2014, February). "I eat, therefore I am": An exploration of "real" food. Presented at New Voices 2014 Graduate Student Conference - Origins, Identity, and Authenticity, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA.
  • Hite, A. (2013, March). Why Michael Pollan Makes Me Want to Eat Bacon. Presented at Critical Nutrition Symposium, University of California-Santa Cruz, Santa-Cruz, CA.
Jameson “Jamie” Hogan
M.A. in English Composition, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL
B.S. in Political Science and Religious Studies, Bradley University, Peoria, IL
Teaching Assignments:
  • ENG 100 - Introduction to Academic Writing
  • ENG 101 - Academic Writing and Research
  • ENG 101 - Academic Writing and Research (Hybrid Classroom)
  • ENG 331 - Communication for Engineering and Technology (Online)
  • COM 367 - Multimedia Production & Digital Culture
Research Assistantship:
Research Assistant for CIRCUIT Research Studio,a new interdisciplinary, collaborative research space for CHASS faculty, graduate students, and their team members from across the colleges to support project development, from conception to completion, in the following areas: digital media, digital humanities, physical computing, and mobile media.
Home Town:
Western Springs, IL
  • Ratan, R., Taylor, N., Hogan, J., Kennedy, T.L.M., & Williams, D. (2015, in press). Stand by your Man: An Examination of Gender Disparity in League of Legends. Games and Culture.
  • Hogan, J. (2011) Story, play, and steam: Thermoludic Narratology in Video Game Studies. Proquest UMI, DeKalb, IL. Master's Thesis.
  • Hogan, J. (2014) Behind Every Great Gamer: Performing Heteronormativity in 'League of Legends.' Console-Ing Passions Conference, Columbia MO.
  • Koehler, J., Alemdar, D., & Hogan, J. (2013) Student, Teacher, Tutor, "Spy": The Potential of Intrusive Advising for the Composition Classroom. NC Symposium on Teaching Writing, Raleigh NC.
  • Hogan, J. (2012) Happy Paradox of a Hateful Place: Pleasurable Disorientation in "DAK0TA." Midwestern Conference on Literature, Language and Media, DeKalb, IL.
  • David Rieder, Dept. of English (Co-Chair)
  • Nick Taylor, Dept. of Communication (Co-Chair)
  • Kristy Boyer, Dept. of Computer Science
  • Anne McLaughlin Dept. of Psychology
  • Matt Ratto, Faculty of Information @ University of Toronto (External Member)
(WIP) Acting Bodies, Playing Minds: Biometric Capture of Game Play for Skill Improvement in Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas
Nathan Hulsey
Nathan Hulsey
MA, Journalism-Mass Communication, University of Alabama
BA, Written Communication, University of Alabama
Teaching Assignments:
  • ENG 214
Home Town:
Birmingham, AL
  • Hey Guys, The Raid has Changed (2009) Proquest UMI. (Masters Thesis).
  • Someone Else is There: Presence and Aspects of Third Place Theory in World of Warcraft (2010) Presented at the Mardi Gras Conference, Baton Rouge, LA.
Emily Jones
Master of Arts in Environmental Studies, The University of North Carolina Wilmington, 2010
Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies, The University of North Carolina Wilmington, 2009
Teaching Assignments:
  • COM 110- Introduction to Public Speaking
Home Town:
Oak Island, North Carolina
  • Jones, E. (2011). From Currituck Banks to Bald Head Island. re:search, p.6.
  • Jones, E. (2011). My Adventure to Scotland. Arts & Sciences, p. 18.
Christopher Kampe
M.A. in English Language and Literature, California State University, Northridge
B.A. in English Language and Literature, Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, NY
Home Town:
Los Angeles, CA
Stephen Larson
M.A. Communication, Villanova University, 2009
B.A. Studies in Cinema and Media Culture, University of Minnesota, 2003
Teaching Assignments:
  • COM 456 - Organizational Communication (GTA)
  • COM 110 - Public Speaking
Research Assistantship:
NSF Grant (RA with Stein) 2009
Home Town:
Plymouth, MN
  • Larson, S. (2008, November). A sociocultural and neo-formalist analysis of "Kansas": Towards a rhetoric of the 1980s farm debt crisis & new Depression film. Paper presented at the conference of the National Communication Association, San Diego, CA.
  • Larson, S. (2009, April). Pan Nalin''s "Samsara" as revisionist update of Hermann Hesse''s novel "Siddhartha" (1922). Paper delivered at the conference of the Eastern Communication Association, Philadelphia, PA.
Melinda Leonardo
MA, George Mason University, 2005
BA, Alma College, 2001
Home Town:
Midland, MI
  • Jessica Jameson (Chair)
  • Susan Katz (Member)
  • William Kinsella (Member)
  • Jason Swarts (Member)
  • Kathleen Sturgis (External Member)
Geoffrey Luurs
Geoffrey Luurs
M.A. Communication Studies, Colorado State University, 2014
B.A. Communication Studies, University of Minnesota - Twin cities, 2012
Teaching Assignments:
  • COM110 - Public Speaking
  • COM386 - Quantitative Research Methods
  • ENG332 - Communication for Business and Management
Home Town:
Minneapolis, MN
  • Luurs, G. (2015, April). Re-framing the 2013-2014 Miami Dolphins bullying scandal: A feminist lens. Presented at the Southern States Communication Associations's annual conference in the Women and Gender Studies division's top paper panel, Tampa, FL.
  • Handloff, J., Luurs, G., & Evans, S. (2015, April). "The Ambient Sole": Embodiment, attunement, and reciprocality in the act of moving through space. Presenteded at the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association annual conference in the Communication and Digital Culture division, New Orleans, LA.
  • Luurs, G. (2013, April). Exclusionary play in the elitist gamer culture in Final Fantasy XI. Presented at the Western Social Science Association's annual conference in the Communication Studies, Denver, CO.
  • Luurs, G. (2013, April). Understanding predominant rhetoric and its effect on exceptionalism. Presented at the Western Social Science Association's annual conference in the History division, Denver, CO.
  • Luurs, G. (2013, April). Militant state rhetoric: The Chinese communist party. Presented at the Western Social Science Association's annual conference in the Chinese Studies division, Denver, CO.
Karla Lyles
M.A. English, emphasis Discourse Studies, Texas A & M University, 2007
B.A. English, minor History, Clemson University, 2004
Teaching Assignments:
  • ENG 101 - Academic Writing
  • Campus Writing & Speaking Program Graduate Consultant
  • English 332
  • English 323
Home Town:
Florence, SC
Lori A. Mackowski
M.A. in Communication Studies, The University of North Carolina Greensboro, 2010
B.A. in Communication Studies, The University of North Carolina Greensboro, 2003
Home Town:
Winston-Salem, NC
Tariq Mahmood
M.A. Media Studies, New School University New York
Home Town:
Charsadda, Pakistan
Chandra Maldonado
Master of Arts in Communication Studies, Florida Atlantic University, 2014
Film and Multimedia Studies, Florida Atlantic University, 2010
Teaching Assignments:
  • COM110-Public Speaking
  • FIL2000-Film Appreciation (Florida Atlantic University)
Home Town:
Miami, Fl
  • Book Review. Matthew S. May. Soapbox Rebellion: The Hobo Orator Union and the Free Speech Fights of the Industrial Workers of the World, 1909-1916. Working USA: The Journal of Labor and Society,Forthcoming
  • Work in Progress: Maldonado, C. and William Trapani, "Understanding the Genre Characteristics of the Advocacy Documentary,” To be submitted to Critical Studies in Media Communication, August 2015.
  • Maldonado,C. (November 2015).Women Explorers: The Frontier and Rhetorics of Gender Performativity in Early 20th Century Visual Culture. Presented at the Film&History Conference, Madison, Wisconsin.
  • Maldonado,C. (July 2015). Recovering Nature:Memory and Scientific Argument at the American Museum of Natural History. Presented at the 19th Biennial NCA/AFA Summer Conference on Argumentation, Alta, Utah.
  • Maldonado,C.(April 2015). Economic Leaders and Heroic Systems: The Ambivalence of (Financial) Attachment in the case of The Wolf of Wall Street. Presented at the Southern States Communication Association Conference. Tampa, Florida.
  • Victoria Gallagher (Chair)
Rouli Manalu
M.A. in Communication Studies, University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia
B.A. in Communication Studies, Diponegoro University, Semarang, Indonesia
Home Town:
Semarang, Indonesia
Ryan McGrady
MA Visual and Media Arts, Emerson College, 2010
BS Business Administration, University of New Hampshire, 2003
Publication Repository Link:
Teaching Assignments:
  • [COM 110] --- Introduction to Public Speaking (spring 2011, summer 2011, fall 2011, summer 2012)
  • [COM 267] --- Electronic Media Writing: Theory and Practice (spring 2012, fall 2012)
  • [ENG/COM 395] --- Critical Approaches to Wikipedia, Information, and the Collaborative Construction of Knowledge (spring 2013)
  • [COM 257] --- Media History and Theory (fall 2013)
Home Town:
Cambridge, MA
  • McGrady, R. (2009). Gaming Against the Greater Good. First Monday, 14(2).
  • Zuckerman, E., Roberts, H., McGrady, R., York, J., & Palfrey, J. (2010). Distributed denial of service attacks against independent media and human rights sites. Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Harvard University.
  • McGrady, R. (2012, March). Wikipedia Zero and the Encyclopedic Ideal. Presented at Local and Mobile, Raleigh, NC.
  • McGrady, R. (2013). Ethos [edit]: Procedural rhetoric and the Wikipedia project. In M. Folk and S. Apostel (Eds.), Online credibility and digital ethos: evaluating computer-mediated communication. Hershey, Pa.: IGI Global.
  • Apostel, S., Dobbs, A., Eyman, D., Folk, M., Frobish, T., Gamei, S., Gilewicz, N., Johnson, N., & McGrady, R. (2013, February). Credibility and the Network: Evaluating and Establishing Digital Ethos. Panel presented at Networked Humanities, Lexington, KY.
  • Jeremy Packer (chair)
  • Jason Swarts (member)
  • Timothy Stinson (member)
  • Neal Thomas (member)
Alexander Monea
MA in Literary and Textual Studies, 2012, Bowling Green State University
BA in English, 2010, Walsh University
Teaching Assignments:
  • ENG 101 - Academic Writing and Research
  • COM 367 - Multimedia Production and Digital Culture
Home Town:
Canton, Ohio
  • Monea, A. (2012). Lomo-FI: Or, Getting Haecceities to Pose for Your Toy Camera. Rhizomes 23.
  • Monea, A. (2011). Guattari's on Facebook?! Affects, Refrains and the Digital Cloud. Selected Publications of Internet Research 12(0).
  • Monea, A. (2012, Summer). Deleuze's Percepts: The Stratification of Sense and Kant's Categories of the Understanding. Presented at 12th Annual Deleuze Studies International Conference, New Orleans, LA.
  • Monea, A. (2011, Fall). Rereading Mass Inertia: The Politics of Affect and the Biopower of Aesthetics and Desire. Presented at University of Minnesota's Aesthetics/Class/Worlds Conference, Minneapolis, MN.
  • Monea, A. (2011, Fall). Guattari's on Facebook?! Affects, Refrains and the Digital Cloud. Presented at 12th Annual Association of Internet Researchers Conference, Seattle, WA.
Samara Mouvery
M.A. Communications, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL, 2011
B.A. in Communication Arts; minor in Computer-mediated communication, Univ. of Alabama., Huntsville, AL
Home Town:
Huntsville, AL
Seth Mulliken
Seth Mulliken
MFA Film and Media Arts, Temple University, 2004
BA Communication (Filmmaking), Antioch College, 2000
Teaching Assignments:
  • COM 367
  • COM 307
  • COM 417
Home Town:
Kingston, MA
  • "Ambient Reverberations: Diegetic Music, Science Fiction, and Otherness." in Sounds of the Future, McFarland, Winter 2009.
  • November 2008. National Communication Association Conference, San Diego, CA Award Paper, 'Top Paper in Semiotics and Communication': "We're the Paran Maum: Linda Linda Linda, Aural Semiotics, and Sonic Identity."
  • August 2008. University Film and Video Conference, Colorado Springs, CO Invited presenter. Presented two papers: "Teaching 'Audio Culture' in Film Studies" and "Joe Strummer and the Transgressive Power of Aural Subjectivity."
Keon Pettiway
MFA Graphic Design, East Carolina University, 2012
BA Multidisciplinary Studies (Africana Studies concentration), North Carolina State University, 2005
Teaching Assignments:
  • Com 110 - Public Speaking
Home Town:
Tarboro, NC
Elizabeth Pitts
MA, Georgetown University
BA, Georgetown University
Home Town:
Stamford, CT and Washington, DC
Meridith Reed
mreed3 (at) ncsu (dot) edu
M.A. in English (Rhetoric and Composition), Brigham Young University, 2011
B.A. in English, Brigham Young University, 2009
Teaching Assignments:
  • English 101 - Academic Writing and Research
Home Town:
Provo, Utah
  • Jackson, B., Reed, M., and Swift, J. (2014). “The Art of the Inartistic, in Publics Digital or Otherwise.” In B. Jackson & G. Clark (Eds.), Trained Capacities: John Dewey, Rhetoric, and Democratic Practice (194-215). Columbia, SC: University of South Carolina Press.
  • Pinnegar, S., Mangleson J., Reed, M., & Groves, S. (2011). “Exploring Preservice Teachers’ Metaphor Plotlines.” Teaching and Teacher Education, 27(3), 639-647.
  • Reed, M. (2011). “Experimental Course: Negotiating Difference: Incorporating and Responding to Multiple Perspectives in Composition.” Locutorium, 5. Retrieved from
  • Ley, C. D., Pinnegar, S., Reed, M., Wheeler, E. Y., & Wilkes, C. (2005). “The Positioning of Preservice Teacher Candidates Entering Teacher Education.” In J. Brophy & S. Pinnegar (Eds.), Learning from Research on Teacihng: Perspective, Methodology, and Representation (235-252). Amsterdam: Elsevier.
Gwendolynne Reid
Gwendolynne Reid
gcreid (at) ncsu (dot) edu
M.A. in English (Rhetoric and Composition), North Carolina State University; M.A. in Film Studies and Screenwriting, Hollins University
B.A. in Intercultural Studies, Bard College at Simon's Rock
Teaching Assignments:
  • ENG 100 - Introduction to Academic Writing
  • ENG 101 - Academic Writing and Research
  • ENG 323 - Writing in the Rhetorical Tradition
Research Assistantship:
Research Assistant to Ann Penrose, summer 2013
Graduate Assistant Director of the First-Year Writing Program under Susan Miller-Cochran, 2013-2014
  • Reid, G., Kozlow, B., Miller-Cochran, S. & Tonelli, C. (forthcoming). Legal tender or counterfeit currency: Organizing a conference off the tenure track. In L. L. Gaillet & L. Guglielmo (Eds.), Academic Publication and Contingent Faculty.
  • Burke, A., Giovanelli, L., & Reid., G. (2014, March). Researching to write, writing to research: Teaching information literacy to first-year writing students. Upcoming presentation at the Conference on College Composition and Communication, Indianapolis, IN.
  • Bradshaw, B., Hall, M., Reid, G., & Simoneaux, B. (2013, June). Usability meets contingency: Redesigning a writing program's interface. Paper presented at the Computers and Writing conference, Frostburg, MD.
  • Reid, G. & Reid, J.L. (2013, April). Shifting narrative structures: Remediating interactive fiction for mobile apps. Digital interactive installation presented at the CRDM Research Symposium on Emerging Genres, Forms, Narratives—in New Media Environments, Raleigh, NC.
  • Reid, G. (2013, March). Audience imagined, audience revoked: Self-presentation, Facebook, and the 2012 presidential election. Presented at the Research Network Forum of the Conference on College Composition and Communication, Las Vegas, NV.
Hector Rendon
Hector Rendon
M.A. Digital Media, Hochschule für Künste Bremen, 2009
B.A. Communication with major in Journalism, National University of Mexico (UNAM), 2007
Home Town:
Mazatlan, Mexico
  • Rendon, H.R. (2009). "Human interaction and digital recognition." Vier, Bremen, Germany.
  • Rendon, H.R. (2009). Aesthetics of digital newspapers in Germany, a case study. Hochschule für Künste Bremen.
  • Rendon, H.R. (2007). El periodista digital mexicano: hacia su definición. National University of Mexico.
Joel Schneier is a very handsome man
Joel Schneier
M.A. North Carolina State University, 2013
B.A. James Madison University, 2007
Research Assistantship:
Social Media and Pedagogy Coordinator for Medieval Electronic Scholarly Alliance, 2014-2015
Home Town:
Fairfax, Virginia
  • Schneier, J. (2015). Style-Shifting in SMS: Quantitative Analysis of an SMS Elicitation Experiment. Paper presented at American Dialect Society Annual Conference, Portland, OR.
  • Schneier, J. (2015). ‘After get in touch with literacy in this class’: WAW in the FYW Classroom with L2 English Writers. Paper presented at Conference on College Composition and Communication, Tampa Bay, FL.
  • Schneier, J. (2015). Intra-Speaker Variation in Syllable Timing: the Zeitlin Tapes and Reconsidering PVI. Poster presented at Linguistic Society of America Annual Conference, Portland, OR.
  • Schneier, J. (2014). Writing about writing: Empowering first-year L2 writers through Meta-discursive writing and research. Presentation at American Association for Applied Linguistics, Portland, Oregon.
  • Fox, M., Chung, M., & Schneier, J. (2014). Marching to the beat of a different drum: cross-regional variation in prosodic rhythm. Presentation at American Dialect Society, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Brent Simoneaux
M.A. in Composition and Rhetoric, Miami University, Oxford, OH
B.A. in English; minor in Government, Berry College, Rome, GA
Teaching Assignments:
  • ENG 101: Academic Writing
  • ENG 331: Communication for Engineering & Technology
  • ENG 323: Writing in the Rhetorical Tradition
  • ENG / COM 395: Media + Literacy + Sexuality
Research Assistantship:
Graduate Assistant Director, First-Year Writing Program, 2012-2013
  • Hall, M., Reid, G., & Simoneaux, B. Toward a usability model of program development. Manuscript under review.
  • Simoneaux, B. Qualitative Methods: Multimodal With and About. Computers & Writing Conference. Pullman, WA: June 8, 2014.
  • Pettiway, K., Simoneaux, B., & Snead, R. Multimodal Composing: Perspectives from Across the Disciplines. Conference on College Composition and Communication. Indianapolis, IN: March 20, 2014.
  • Fedukovich, F., Miller-Cochran, S., Simoneaux, B., & Snead, R. (2013). A state of permanent contingency: Writing program, hiring practices, and a persistent breach of ethics. In R. McClure, D. Goldstein. & M. Pemberton (Eds.), A Statement in recension: The Principles and Standards for the Postsecondary Teaching of Writing for the 21st century university. Forthcoming.
  • Bradshaw, B., Hall, M., Reid, G., & Simoneaux, B. Usability Meets Contingency: Redesigning a Writing Program’s Interface.” Computers and Writing Conference. Frostburg, MD: June 7, 2013.
  • Dr. Susan Miller-Cochran (Chair)
  • Dr. Chris Anson (Member)
  • Dr. Will Banks (Member)
  • Dr. Steve Wiley (Member)
  • Dr. Nick Taylor (Member)
Writing Elsewhere: Literacy & Queer Southern Experience
J.J. Sylvia IV
M.A. Philosophy, The University of Southern Mississippi, 2009
B.A. Philosophy, Communication, Mississippi State University, 2005
Teaching Assignments:
  • COM 110 - Public Speaking
  • STS 214 - Intro to Science, Technology, and Society
  • ENG 331 - Communication for Engineering and Technology
  • ENG 332 - Communication for Business and Management
  • COM/ENG 395 - Big Data and the Rhetoric of Information
Home Town:
Long Beach, MS
  • Sylvia IV, J.J. (Forthcoming) “Little Brother: How Big Data Necessitates an Ethical Shift from Privacy to Power.” In Booth, P. and Davisson, A. (Eds.), Controversies in Media Ethics.
  • Sylvia IV, J.J. and Williams, R.A. (Forthcoming, 2015). Mastering Prezi for Business Presentations (2nd ed.). Birmingham: Packt Publishing.
  • Sylvia IV, J.J. and Stevens, Heath (Forthcoming) “Time Travel, Technology, and the Self as Other”. In Lewis, C. and Smithka, P. (Eds.), Doctor Who and Philosophy: Regenerated. Chicago and La Salle, IL: Open Court.
  • Sylvia IV, J.J. (2014) “Using Bloom’s Taxonomy To Assess Social Media Assignments.” Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in Education. Vol. 3(1).
  • Sylvia IV, J.J. (2010). “The Ethical Implications of A/B and Multivariate E-Commerce Optimization Testing”. In Palmer, D.E. (Ed.), Ethical Issues in E-Business: Models and Framework (pp. 91-104). Hershey, NY: Business Science Reference.
  • Stephen B. Crofts Wiley (Chair)
  • Jason Swarts
  • N. Katherine Hayles
Daniel Synk
M.A. in English (Rhetoric & Composition), University of Maryland, College Park
B.A., in English (Language, Writing, and Rhetoric), University of Maryland, College Park
Teaching Assignments:
  • ENG 101
  • COM/ENG 395 - Studies in Rhetoric & Digital Media: Rhetoric & the Materiality of New Media
  • COM/ENG 321 - Survey of Rhetorical Theory
  • ENG 331: Communication for Engineering & Technology
Home Town:
  • May, M. S., & Synk, D. (2013). Contradiction and Overdetermination in Occupy Wall Street. Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies, 11, 74-84.
Dan Trigoboff
Juris Doctor, University of San Diego
Bachelor of Science (Journalism), Boston University
Teaching Assignments:
  • Mass Media Ethics (all teaching at Methodist University)
  • Mass Media Law
  • News Writing and Reporting
  • Introduction to Mass Communications
  • History and Principles of Journalism
  • Radio and Television Practicum
Research Assistantship:
Home Town:
Brooklyn, New York City
  • Seating is Limited: Cameras at the Supreme Court, University of South Carolina Annual Conference on Rhetoric, Feb. 2011
  • Matters of Fact: News Piracy in the Digital Age, Internal Conference on Digital Literacy, Georgia Southern University, Seotember, 2012
  • Law, Advertising and Public Relations, En Banc (University of San Diego Law School Journal), Spring, 1981
  • Melissa Johnson, PhD
  • Catherine Warren, PhD
  • Robert Kochersberger, PhD
News Aggregation in the Digital Age: Legalities and Realities
Eli Typhina
M.A. in Communication, Washington State University, 2012
B.A. Art and Environmental Studies, St. Johns University/College of St. Benedict, 2005
Teaching Assignments:
  • COM 456 - Organizational Communication
  • COM 436 - Environmental Communication
  • STS 214 - Science, Technology, and Society
  • COM 112 - Interpersonal Communication
  • COM 110 - Public Speaking
  • COM 295 - Media Writing (taught at Washington State University)
  • ADV 380 - Advertising Principles and Practices (teaching assistant at Washington State University)
Home Town:
  • Typhina, E. (2015). Conflating Nature 2.0: The Emergence of Eco-Apps. Geoforum, forthcoming.
  • Typhina, E. (2015). Eco-App Features and Language Prompting Social Network Influence. International Journal of E-Services and Mobile Applications, 7(2), forthcoming.
  • Typhina, E., Bardon, R., & Gharis, L. (2015). Creating and using effective social media & mobile communications. Journal of Extension.
  • Ling, R., & Typhina, E. (forthcoming). Mobile Communication. In: de Souza e Silva, A. (Ed.). Debates on mobile communication. New York: Routledge.
  • Typhina, E. & Changmin, Y. (2014). Managing Dog Waste: Campaign Insights from the Health Belief Model. Applied Environmental Education & Communication, 13(2), forthcoming. doi:10.1080/1533015X.2014.944247
  • Jason Swarts - English, North Carolina State University (chair)
  • Andrew Binder - Communication, North Carolina State University (member)
  • Julie A. Edell Britton - Marketing, Duke University (member)
  • Christopher G. Healey - Computer Science, North Carolina State University (member)